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connection groups are
the life of our ministry


Our desire is for everyone who attends the UF + SFC BCM to find a lasting community. Our Connection Groups are a place where our Tuesday gathering is made smaller by allowing you to meet people to connect and form real relationships.

Connection Groups are an essential part of the life of our ministry. These groups are intentionally designed to not only give everyone at the BCM a place to belong and be cared for, but also a place to be encouraged and strengthened on your journey with Jesus.

information about our connection groups are listed below


           Andrew + Emma

                   CO-ED Springs CG // Thursdays 7p Springs Commons

                        Contact (941) 400-4823 for more info

           Ryan + Sophie 

                   CO-ED Tolbert CG // Thursdays 7:30p Tolbert Dorm lobby                                     Contact (813) 601-1603 for more info

           Sean + Taylor

                   CO-ED Tolbert CG // Wednesdays 8p Tolbert Dorm lobby                                     Contact (904) 523-9307 for more info

           Hunter + Logan + Jenna

                   CO-ED Broward CG // Thursdays 7:30p Broward Basement                                 Contact (863) 605-7490 for more info


           Matt + Leah

                   CO-ED CG // Wednesdays 7:30p 

                   1050 SW 11th St.

                        Contact (954) 913-5955 for more info

           Andrew + Lydia

                   CO-ED CG // Thursdays 7p

                   BCM Building - 1604 West University 

                        Contact at (352) 278-9876 for more info

           RyLee and Micaiah

                   Guys CG // Thursdays 7p (6p hangout time)   

                   The Platform - 223 NW 29th St. 

                        Contact at (352) 870-5417 for more info

           Eli + Nathan 

                   CO-ED Ag School (Haystack) CG // Thursdays 6:30p

                   Spyglass Apts.                       

                        Contact at (352) 440-4957 for more info

          Anna-Marie + Nathan + Maria

                  CO-ED CG (topic is Intro to the Bible) // Wednesdays 7:30p

                  BCM Building - 1604 West University

                  Contact at (305) 409-7026 for more info

          Daniel + Halle 

                  CO-ED Santa Fe CG // Thursdays 7p

                  BCM Building - 1604 West University

                  Contact at (904) 343-9829 for more info


                  CO-ED Santa Fe CG // Mondays 10:30a

                  On campus at SFC (text for location)

                  Contact at (813) 400-8797 for more info


                  CO-ED Grad Student CG // Thursdays 6:30p

                  Contact at (904) 705-1582 for more info and location

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