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our serving teams are the heartbeat of our house on tuesday nights


Engage guests as the first point of contact for the BCM. Direct guests in parking their cars and managing the flow of traffic.


Capture moments at the BCM that help tell the story of what Jesus is doing in and through our house.

*Previous photography experience required


Operate lights, screens, and sound for our Tuesday Gathering and help to create a unique worship experience for guests.


Provide the opportunity for guests to receive a free shirt and be a connection point in helping them feel welcomed and part of our House.


Create a welcoming environment for all guests to enter into by greeting, serving, and connecting with everyone who comes through the doors each week.


Be a part of leading worship during our Tuesday Gathering to help create a worshipful environment where we can shift our focus to God and lift up the name of Jesus.

*Previous singing or instrumental experience required

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